Felder-Ragin-Barnes-Gallemore Home

Built in 1854 by Rev. James Rufus Felder, this English cottage housed four generations of the Felder family. Rev. Felder was a local Methodist preacher who came to Perry in 1851. The name of John L. Felder, his son who was killed in battle in West Virginia, is etched into one of the glass panels beside the front door. It was sold in 1881 to J. L. Ragin, a cousin of the Felders, and they owned it until 1931. Mr. Ragin’s daughter, Susan Giles, used the upper story as a boy’s school during this time. In 1931 it was bought by Emmett and Ethel Barnes who renovated the house and restored the grounds to their original beauty. They sold the property in 1949 to Dr. and Mrs. Johnny Gallemore and the house was moved to its present location in 1966. Hundreds of camellias and a tenant house were also moved. The tenant house was converted into a guest house in the back yard.