Forest Hill Park

Clinchfield Presbyterian Church was moved to this location in 2010 and renamed Clinchfield Chapel to be used as an event venue for weddings, parties, reunions and more. Also included in this venue are the Brian Bowen Covered Bridge, the historic First Baptist Church of Perry steeple, and the Red Caboose. A former property owner, Alton Hardy, saved the 1878 Perry Baptist Church steeple when the church was being demolished in the 1980s, moved it to this park area, and renovated the steeple to become a small chapel. He built a covered bridge over Berry Branch to allow access to the steeple from Main Street. Marty Myers purchased the property in 2009 and named the bridge for Brian Bowen, who was a former property owner and business partner. Marty brought the Red Caboose to the park from Juliette, Georgia where it sat by the Whistle Stop Café for many years.