Edge-Andrew-Abney Home

This two-story home with a wrap-around porch was built by Dr. John B. Edge in the 1880s after his marriage to Ammie King, the only daughter of Captain Francis Marion King. Ammie was the great-granddaughter of General Francis Marion King, the ‘Swamp Fox,’ who is well known by historians as the crafty militia leader who routinely out-foxed British troops during the American Revolution and is considered one of the main reasons our country was successful in our war of independence. In 1887 Dr. Edge became one of the first residents to have a telephone in his home. He was a medical doctor for the Houston Lake community, but moved to Cordele in 1891. The home was purchased by B. H. Andrew, Sr. who had recently moved to Perry from Hartwell, Georgia. Members of the Andrew family lived here until 1966. The current homeowners bought this house in April 1980 and have lived here for over forty years. Over those years, the house has become known as ‘the fern house’ as six huge Boston ferns hang in the alcoves around the front porch most of the year. Even so, many children call this house ‘the witch house’ as the same Halloween witch has sat on the front porch every October for forty years.