Former Methodist Church Parsonage

In 1881 this lot was purchased from Thomas J. Cater by the Perry Methodist Church, the money having been raised by a committee of ladies from the missionary society called the Earnest Workers. These ladies were Mrs. Amanda Havis, Miss Pauline Mann and Miss Kitty V. Cater and they presented the trustees with $845.80 so that this property could be purchased as a parsonage for the Methodist Church. A small house on this lot was remodeled and used for that purpose until this home was built in 1914 by the Perry Methodist Church as a new parsonage. The deed specified that the Trustees accept such deed on the distinct condition that said house and lot will forever remain as the parsonage of said church. This home served as a parsonage until 1959 when it was sold to Felton Norwood, Sr. as a new parsonage had been built on Forest Hill Road. So much for forever remaining as the parsonage of said church.