Houston County Board of Education Office

This school was built in 1925 and is the oldest brick school building in Houston County. It was the first consolidated school and had the first fully-equipped science lab in the State of Georgia. An exhibit honoring retired Senator Sam Nunn is housed here as well as a vintage 1925 classroom which is available to the public any day that the BOE office is open. By 1992 the building had deteriorated to a state of disrepair and the Board of Education was faced with the dilemma of how to best save the building. It was offered to the City of Perry for $1 in May, 1992, but the City of Perry declined the acquisition so the Board of Education offered to sell their Board Office on Washington Street to the City of Perry as an Annex to City Hall. The City of Perry agreed to this offer and the Board of Education began plans to renovate the old Perry High School as administrative offices. While the monies for this renovation project came from the sale of the previous Board of Education building, Representative Larry Walker was instrumental in securing the assistance of the Georgia Department of Corrections’ inmate construction group to assist in removal of debris and new construction. With additional help from the staff of the Houston County Board of Education, the renovation was completed in 1998. Were it not for the vision of Bill Loudermilk in 1992 to see this building restored and the architectural skills of Harold DeLoach, this property would not be the beautiful architectural exhibit that the community so much admires today. The popular belief being circulated today that the building was going to be demolished is only a myth and was never even considered.