Orleans on Carroll Restaurant

formerly the old liberty hotel

William B. Pennuel built the Liberty Hotel on this lot in 1840 and then added a house as an annex to it in 1844 or 1845. The building existed as a 16-room hotel through the 1860s and was the regular stopping place for stagecoaches on the route from Milledgeville to Tallahassee, Florida. Tom Thumb, the famous gentleman dwarf, stopped at this hotel when he first visited Perry prior to 1860. With successive owners the hotel name changed to The Planters Hotel before being repurposed as a mercantile store after the Civil War. In 1883 George Paul purchased the property and then sold the lot to his son Lee Minor Paul in March 1889. The wooden building on this lot contained two storerooms and a shop room. Lee Minor Paul used it as a storefront and funeral parlor but had the building demolished in 1909. He then replaced the wooden building with a brick store fronting on Carroll Street about 60 feet in width. In 1932 Mrs. L. M. Paul rented this store to Mrs. Eliza Cater Massee who opened Perry Furniture Company. She advertised furniture, antiques, and gifts. Mrs. Massee was given permission in this lease to take down the name of Paul on the front of the building and make changes within since the building had been vacant for some years. By 1946 Bob Cater Massee had acquired this property and built a new 3600-square foot building for his mother’s furniture store, Perry Furniture Company. The business then became a partnership composed of Mrs. Eliza Cater Massee and her two sons, Bob Cater Massee and Billy Massee, and the name was changed to Massee Furniture. Massee Furniture operated in this building until September 1967. G & B Discount Furniture rented the building for a couple of years and then Bob and Billy Massee sold the building. It is now remodeled and has opened as a Cajun Restaurant known as Orleans On Carroll.