Former Killen-Staples Home

This building was built in the 1870s by Thomas Killen and is an outstanding vernacular Carpenter Italianate style house with a modified central hall. At the time it was built, several churches often shared the services of a minister of the gospel. On horseback or in a buggy, the minister made his regular circuit from one community to another and stayed overnight in homes. This building was designed with an extra room for such an accommodation with a private entry from the porch. Even if he arrived late at night when his hosts were already in bed, the circuit rider could quietly put away his horse, slip into his special, unlocked room, and go to bed. After Thomas Killen died, Laura lived with and cared for the families of her two daughters who had died. This home was then occupied by the H. T. Dean family for a number of years but was sold to Wesley Short in 1937 who then sold it to Eric and Chloe Staples in 1939. Eric P. Staples was the winningest high school basketball coach in America. His teams captured a phenomenal 83 percent of their games, including 25 district/region championships and eight state titles. He was inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in 1957 and was unanimously nominated by the Georgia High school Athletic Association to represent Georgia for the National Basketball Coach of the Year Award in 1971. In 1985 the use of the property changed to commercial realty.